Johnny Test got cancelled because it Canada couldn't get their act together. The fact that it aired on the same network as Sidekick and Scaredy Squirrel only made matters worse. If all 3 shows were redubed and retooled by FUNimation, American can enjoy them better.

Redub CastEdit

Differences from OriginalEdit

  • In the FUNimation dub, Huge always gets Johnny's name wrong.
  • Huge sound more flamboyant than in the DHX dub. This is the point were he sound exacly like The Red Guy from Cow and Chicken and I. M. Weasel.
  • All the main antagonist are voiced by non-FUNimation actors.
  • Edits on certain episodes contain cameos of Sidekick, Scaredy Squirrel and CatDog. As being other FUNimation redubs.
  • Swear words are used.

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