Scaredy Squirrel (along with Sidekick) bombed in America because the company Pearlie and Being Ian were behind them.

Redub CastEdit

Live-Action Cast (FUNImation dub only)Edit

  • The FUNImation Show Host-Themselves
  • Charles Adler-Himself
  • Lewis Black-Himself

Differences from OriginalEdit

  • In the FUNimation dub, Nester always gets Scaredy's name wrong and calls him Stupid, Sh*tty, Sucky, Sicky, Sticky, Stevey, Stanly, Sissy, Sanjay and Soupy.
  • Nester sound more flamboyant than in the Nelvana dub. This is the point were he sound exacly like The Red Guy from Cow and Chicken and I. M. Weasel.
  • Momma is be voiced by a man, whil Mildrid is voiced by a woman in the FUNimation dub.
  • Scaredy (as voiced by Monica Rial) gives a warning before the opening saying "The character that appear in this show are complete idiots, so please attempt anything they do" and shows a man in jail and say "don't do it, it's a bad idea".
  • Momma gets Scaredy's name right.
  • Swear words are used.
  • In episodes were Dan Duck gets annoyed by Scaredy, he makes references to how he steals his job as weatherman.
  • Live-action footage and live-action images are used in certain episodes.

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