Yakkity Yak is ill-fated show that aired on Nick and Nicktoons Network. The show was Nick's biggest failure in animation programs and hardly ever made sence. If FUNimation redubs it, they can retool it into an adult show.

Redub CastEdit

Differences from The Original VersionEdit

  • Similar to how Eustace calls Courage "stupid dog" from Courage the Cowardly Dog, Mr. High-Pants can refers to Yakkity as "Stupid Yak" or "Stupid Mother F**king Yak" but only says Yakkity's name in 2 episodes.
  • Lemony & Penelope acts more like alpha bitches in the FUNimation dub. Lemony can even make fun of Yakkity for being an idiot.
  • The end creds tell who voiced who.
  • Keo has a higher sounding voice.
  • Swear Works are used.

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